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Programme at a glance:

All about Cellulose

How we can use a native polymer for intelligent, innovative and sustainable products.

Ten speakers from industry and research will provide information on the potential and possible applications of the sustainable platform polymer cellulose at the TITK in Rudolstadt on 22 February 2024.

The symposium is aimed at textile manufacturers and processors as well as material scientists and any other interested parties.

This time, our symposium will be held in English. This is how it will be organised:

Get together 
09.00 am - Registration / Coffee, Beverages 
09.30 am
Introduction / Welcome

Benjamin Redlingshöfer

Session 1 - Innovations 
10.00 am
Preceramic hollow fibers as initial shapes for the production of novel, anisotropically oriented bone regeneration materials

Dr. Thomas Schulze

10.30 am
Cellulose-Based Fibres Designed for Special and Innovative Applications

Natalie Wunder
Kelheim Fibres

11.00 am - Coffee break / Networking (30 Minutes) 
Carbon fibres from cellulosic precursors: leaving the old paths for new ways

Dr. Marc Philip Vocht
DITF Denkendorf

Session 2 - Opportunities 
12.00 pm
Biocompatible cellulose bodies through 3D printing

Dr. Jens Schaller

12.30 pm
Paper4Power: Materials for Energy Conversion Processes based on Papermaking

Martin Zahel
Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

1.00 pm - Lunch break (45 Minutes) 
1.45 pm
Advanced Chemical Derivatization of Polysaccharides as a Pathway to Novel Biomaterials

Martin Gericke
FSU Jena

Session 3 - Success stories 
2.15 pm
Development of an innovative, sustainable and regional textile industry - transformation of textile tradition

Julia Eschment
City administration Apolda

2.45 pm - Coffee break / Networking (30 Minutes) 
3.15 pm
Cell Solution® BIOACTIVE

Dr. Frank Wendler
TITK e. V.

3.45 pm
Veno Train cocoon – the story of a development beyond the known

Gerti Stegmann
Bauerfeind AG

4.15 pm
Opportunity to visit selected laboratories and the solution spinning centre
5.00 pm - End of event